Custom Virtual Machines

On Baremetal Servers

MySQL Server
MySQL Server
Ubuntu 20.04
Ubuntu 20.048 GB RAM4 CPUs200 GB SSD disk
GitLab Instance
GitLab Instance
Ubuntu 22.04
Ubuntu 22.0416 GB RAM8 CPUs500 GB SSD disk
pfSense Firewall
pfSense Firewall
CentOS4 GB RAM2 CPUs100 GB SSD disk

Deploy Custom Virtual Machines on Baremetal Infrastructure

Leverage the power of to deploy virtual machines with CentOS, Ubuntu, and other operating systems on baremetal infrastructure.

  • Choose from a variety of operating systems including CentOS and Ubuntu
  • Full control and flexibility over your VM configurations
  • Seamless deployment on high-performance baremetal infrastructure
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Discover the Hoy Cloud Platform

Build a modern "Private Cloud" on your own Bare Metal servers with Hoy.

  • Lower cost with No yacht markups ;)

  • Superior performance with Direct hardware access

  • Cloud-like scale up / down with Native integrations

  • No vendor lock-in with Open-source tooling

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