Object, File or Block Storage

S3 comptabible storage on your own Baremetal Servers

Bucket NameStorage TypeSizeObject CountCreated At
Media Bucket
Object Storage500 GB2.3M2021-07-01
File Storage1 TB5.6M2021-08-15
Logs Bucket
Object Storage200 GB1.2M2021-09-10

Deploy S3 Compatible Storage on Your Own Baremetal Servers

Utilize your baremetal infrastructure to deploy S3 compatible file, block, or object storage, ensuring full control and flexibility over your data storage solutions.

  • S3 compatible storage offering seamless integration with existing S3 applications and services
  • Full control over your data with the flexibility to scale storage according to your needs
  • Enhanced security and privacy, keeping your data on-premises
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Discover the Hoy Cloud Platform

Build a modern "Private Cloud" on your own Bare Metal servers with Hoy.

  • Lower cost with No yacht markups ;)

  • Superior performance with Direct hardware access

  • Cloud-like scale up / down with Native integrations

  • No vendor lock-in with Open-source tooling

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