Build a modern "Private Cloud" on your own Bare Metal servers

Hoy empowers ANYONE to build modern, high-performance private cloud platform on your own bare metal servers.
Enjoy the cost savings and control of bare metal servers with the flexibility and ease of use of the cloud.

Why Choose Hoy Bare Metal Platform for Your Private Cloud?

  • Significantly Lower costs by not paying high markups on compute and bandwidth.
  • Unparalleled performance from direct hardware access.
  • Cloud-like scale on bare metal, With native integrations with bare metal providers - scale up or down nodes based on demand.
  • No vendor lock-in Hoy uses open-source tooling under the hood for maximum portability and flexibility.
  • Bring your own bare metal servers from Vultr, Hetzner, OVH, Equinix or any other bare metal provider.

Hoy's Private Cloud Platform - What you get ?

  • 1st class dev experience - Git push to deploy. Modern GUI and a cool cli : hoy deploy. And Oh Yes, Dark mode!
  • Deploy anything and everything
    • Managed Applications : Node.js, Python, Ruby, React, Vue etc or open-source stacks like WordPress, etc.
    • Managed Databases : PostgreSQL, MySQL Redis, At fraction of the cost with Replicas, automatic backups, one click restores
    • Virtual Machines : Spin up virtual machines for full flexibility and control.
    • Serverless functions : Deploy code without the complaxiy, automatically scaling to meet demand.
    • Object, File or Block Storage: Secure and scalable File Object Storage or Block Storage for storing any kind or amount of data.
  • AWS Compatibility - Seamless migration with EC2 and S3 compatibility, ensuring easy transition and familiar tooling for AWS users.
  • Integrated Observability and Real-time Logging - Streaming logs and performance metrics for immediate troubleshooting.
  • Teams and Resource Quotas - Organize your infrastructure with resource quotas and resource separation for teams / projects.
Built with ❤️ by Team Dukaan